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Run consistently, avoid injury and meet your running goals?

Imagine if you could run consistently avoiding injury, feeling confident that you are following a progressive training regime that includes all the components: warm-up, drills, cool down, nutrition, hydration, rest and recovery, fuelling and pacing, as well as bespoke ideas for stretching, activation, mobilization, strength, and conditioning as well as session ideas that keep you motivated.

Let us take away the confusion surrounding all these areas.

What if someone could film and analyze your running technique from head to toe to find out why you get niggles or pain and why you aren’t reaching your goals.

We take the guesswork out of training by providing you with a plan* so you don’t have to think on a daily basis: ‘what should I be doing?’ These can be as detailed as you like. We take a holistic approach using knowledge and experience gathered over years coaching in the UK and the USA.

All athletes are equal, from the person just starting out, we have plans to take you to your first mile, 5K, 10K. We also cater for half marathons, full marathons, and ultras. For the performance athlete, we have accelerated learning techniques.

How would you feel as a female athlete if your coach really understood the specific needs of a female athlete during their monthly cycle? Enabling them to be the best version of themselves.

And it’s not just running, if you are a triathlete, a footballer, a rugby player we can help you move better, run better, run faster, and develop your agility, balance, and coordination.

Enjoy your running with our holistic approach, smart goals that provide you with quick wins to enhance motivation and build good habits and resilience. Easily accessible advice and support. Enjoy running without it taking over your whole life.

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We remove the guesswork from training sessions and help with plans for events.

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