Windsor Women’s 10k - Charlotte and Maddie

Charlotte and I want to run the Windsor Women’s 10K in September, we are very much recreational runners, we haven’t really taken it seriously but we wanted a challenge. As soon as we signed up we started dreading it.


Runners MOT really helped us. I had been recommended orthotics but I just couldn’t get on with them. It turns out there was nothing wrong with my feet, my upper body was rotating due to an old shoulder injury and that was affecting my stride. Maddie had a few different issues mainly due to spending so much time sitting at work and driving. Anne-Marie gave us some exercises to activate our glutes and mobilise my shoulder.


I never realised how important running technique was, especially as we added an extra day to our training schedule. Anne-Marie also said it’s OK to walk, now we are both happy going out for a long run or walk and we feel we can do the distance.

09 March, 2020

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