Why is pacing so important?

Good pacing can mean the difference between finishing strong and recovering well or having a miserable, even painful race. 

Entering a longer race - a half, or especially a full marathon, is an epic undertaking. People tend to look closely at what they eat and drink, including rest days, and take early nights. Less thought is put into pacing the race. The longer the distance, the more things we need to take into consideration.

What is pacing?

Pacing can mean different things:

but whatever your aim, you need to have some sort of racing strategy. Turning up on the day having put in the hours and just thinking ‘I’ll just see how I feel’ and ‘winging it’ rarely turns out well.

How do you know which pace?

This is something to consider and practice early in your training, it is, therefore, advisable to invest in a GPS watch

Split your training

A simple example: if your aim is to complete a half marathon in under 2 hours, you need to run an average pace of 9-minute miles. However, if you get carried away and run the first few miles at 7- 8-minute mile pace you will deplete your resources and the rest of the race could be miserable you could hit the wall, become injured or you may not finish the race. In other words, what you gain in the first few miles, you will lose that and more as the race progresses. If you feel really good you can review your pace in the latter part of the race and if there is some fuel left in the tank you could increase your speed, keep reviewing as the race progresses.

Tips for race day

15 June, 2020

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