Run a sub-4 hour marathon

Running a sub-four-hour marathon is not an easy undertaking. The average marathon time is around 4 hours 20 minutes, the median closer to five hours. To run under four hours requires a solid base of speed and endurance. It is just around the pace where most runners struggle and hit the wall.

Advice for a fast marathon

Speed and endurance are two separate things if you try to combine both, i.e a long fast run, it just won’t work

You need to build in at least one-half marathon (@ week 15) at 4-hour marathon pace, I.e less than 2 hours.

What if I can’t run four hour pace yet?

If you are a slow runner and have run the first week of the plan and can’t keep up

Use the block method to increase speed, divide training runs into different intervals and occasional running - until you can consistently run at that pace (this might take several weeks (you will need to factor this in)

Only do the sub-four hour marathon plan when you can run at least 5K at a four-hour marathon pace if you feel burnt out at sub 30 minutes maybe the goal is too ambitious because the intensity will keep ramping up every single week and it will get harder and harder.

Come back to the four-hour marathon at a later stage.


15 June, 2020

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