Nutrition has a big impact on allowing you to train consistently and effectively to produce the desired adaptations in response to training. If you want every training session to count, you need a good nutrition strategy NOT only for race day but all the other days including rest days.

Signs you might not be eating enough:

There should be no conflict between eating for health and eating for performance.

Carbs are a vital source of fuel, 55-65% carbs, 2.3-5.5g per pound of body weight per day. It is common practice to carb load in the lead up to an endurance event.

Proteins: for strength and repair, 0.6-0.8g per pound of body weight per day

Fats: seeds, nuts, feta

Fuelling your runs in general

Fuelling during the long run

This needs to be regular and consistent

The body can process @ 60g of carbs per hour

Post-run fuelling

Eat a substantial healthy meal within two hours of a long run.

Why is Hydration important



15 June, 2020

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