Marathon Day

Four weeks to go

One week to go

24 hours to go

Marathon day


All training and tapering are done, no need to make any last-minute changes, almost everything else is out of your control except your Pace.

Run a consistent pace, use your GPS, don’t get carried away with the crowd. If you keep to your pace, during the first half of the marathon it is likely that you will be overtaken by many of the people in your group/pen, try be remain focused and keep to the pace, during the second part of the race, things will change, their pace will slow as they fatigue or are burnt out and you will start to overtake them and finish strong.

Pace mistakes

Marathon day practical advice

Arrive in plenty of time

The start line

Early miles

Middle section

Now is the time to implement your pace, nutrition, and hydration strategies -  TRUST.

Later section of the race

Hot spots


15 June, 2020

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