Creating a Marathon Plan

Training for a marathon is something very few people take lightly, it is a massive undertaking, so much so that over a quarter of those who sign up for one don’t make it to the start line.

How can your coach help you create a bespoke plan?

A Coach can help you define your marathon goals to determine how you train, whether you:

Here are some considerations:

Your coach will help you build a plan based around your personal circumstances, this will include, runs during the week, rest days, step back or drop-down weeks, weekly long runs (and what your longest, long run should be) tapering towards the end of the plan.

There will be more specific training for those looking to run the marathon in under 4 hours, i.e. Tempo and interval runs, speed and hill work.

Once you’ve put a plan together, this will help motivate you as you’ve done all the decision making and you can just get on with the job of training. Random training means random results, so if you have a goal in mind you need a plan! A training plan outsources motivation, you just need to stick to the plan.

Random training equals random results

You need a structured plan that takes you from A to B

Lots of people just wing it  & don’t train effectively, could result in injury and reduce the probability of not meeting your marathon goals

Some sort of structure with a gradual increase in mileage/intensity

15 June, 2020

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